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You are looking for eye-catching Habitação/Interior free stock photos that could be used legally both for your next personal and commercial projects? With millions of Habitação/Interior stock photos available and many more are added on a daily basis by our creators, PhotoAC will be a right choice for you. Exploring photoAC's Habitação/Interior category, you can surely find the right photos that you need in minutes.
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What are housing and interior photos and images?

Housing and interior photos are photographs with the presence of various visual components and concepts that viewers immediately associate with housing and the interior. These visual components include variations in styles and locations. They can be the interior of a building, a skyscraper, a house, a restaurant, or even a car. They can be 3D CG graphics of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, working areas, stores, offices, etc. We can find housing and interior photos almost everywhere, in newspapers, in magazines, on TV commercials, on your devices’ screens, on millions of posts, and sharing on social media, via advertisements, and throughout many other daily life activities.

What are popular housing and interior photos and images on photoAC?

The most popular housing and interior photos that you can easily find on photoAC are the ones including CG images and photos of residential areas (living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, etc), offices (working areas, reception desks, etc.), shopping malls, stores, café, etc. These interiors vary in styles: traditional, Boho, eclectic, modern, organic modern, modern farmhouse, mid-century modern, glam, industrial, coastal, minimalist, Scandinavian, etc. These interiors can be spacious or narrow, simple or well-finished, and inspire various senses like connection, belongings, coziness, contentment, etc. Housing and interior photos and images on photoAC are mostly used for advertisements and in posts on blogs and social media.

How to find better results of housing and interior photos and images on photoAC?

You can find housing and interior photos and images in the Housing/Interior Category section on photoAC. Also, for specific searches, let's start with the search bar by entering a related keyword, then refine the search results using the filter function. You can refine search results of housing and interior photos and images by choosing the type of images (JPEG, PNG, or PSD), dimension (vertically or horizontally), with or without people, and colors in the photos. You can also include or exclude other keywords, categories, and names of creators as well.

Is it safe to use housing and interior photos and images downloaded from photoAC?

All housing and interior photos and images on photoAC can be downloaded for free and can be used for both personal and commercial projects. Simply sign up for a free account and start downloading today. There are some limitations on the download times per day for free users on photoAC. If you want to download Housing and interior photos and images without any limitation, you can subscribe to one of our two plans, monthly and annually. To make sure you use our housing and interior photos and images properly, please thoroughly check our Terms and Conditions.

All photos and images on photoAC are OK to use for personal projects. If you want to use them for commercial purposes, please check our Usage Guides to make sure you use the downloaded photos from photoAC properly.

You might want to buy Extra licenses for specific commercial uses. Please be aware that Extra License are available for ONLY materials from the creator named acworks. To find photos of acworks, please use the filter by creator’s name when searching.

Housing and Interior

The Role of Interior Images and Housing Images in Daily Life

A common misconception among most people today is that real estate photography is the same as architectural photography, but even though they apply almost the same principles, they are completely different from each other. Real estate photography is aimed at capturing stunning interior images and housing images, and the aim is to entice buyers to become interested in the property and also book an appointment with the realtor.

People are in a constant search for homes, either to stay alone or with their family. When people look for ideal homes from different realtors, the first thing that they ask for is interior images and housing images so that they can have an idea of what to expect in the home before they decide whether they should consider the home or not.

Interior images and housing images are basically aimed at providing a perfect and realistic representation of a home to attract the interest of people who are interested in the home. With that said, as a photographer, it is your sole duty to ensure that when taking interior images and housing images, you are considering the interest of potential buyers.

You might be wondering whether these images are only useful for people who are in need of a home. However, interior images and housing images are widely used today for different purposes, and in addition to being used as a marketing piece, they are also used as artistic items in magazines and for other print materials. Regardless of what the images are to be used for, it’s important to ensure that when you are taking these images, you are as creative as possible.

You might be wondering what the necessary equipment is to help you capture really stunning interior images and housing images. You’ll find this equipment as you continue reading:


This is obviously the most important thing you need. You can’t take an image without a camera, and for interior images and housing images, it’s generally advisable to use a full-frame camera, and if you want to start capturing interior images and housing images, you might want to consider getting one of these cameras.


The next important thing you’ll need are lenses, and for interior images and housing images, a fairly wide-angle lens is most preferable. If you’re using a full-frame camera, a 14mm to 24mm lens or any similar lens is perfect for your project. In addition, a cropped sensor will be better if you’re using a 10-20mm lens.

One reason why most home buyers become discouraged after viewing your interior images and housing images is when they realize that the home is not as big as it appears on the images. This is why you need to be strategic when you’re choosing the lens to capture the best images.


The importance of a tripod when it comes to capturing images cannot be overemphasized, especially for the unmatched stability that it provides for the camera. When you’re taking multiple pictures at once, you’ll need your camera to be as stable as possible so that the images don’t appear distorted. An easy way to ensure that your camera stays stable is by using a tripod when taking images. Fortunately, tripods are readily available and affordable, and you only need to get one to use.


The first thing you’ll need is a shutter release so that you camera does not move uncontrollably, as we have mentioned above. If you’re shooting at slower shutter speeds, and you wouldn’t want to distort the tripod, you’ll need to get a remote trigger to use, and with this, you won’t need to touch the camera button before you can capture interior images and housing images.

The second thing you’ll need is a trigger for your flash, and for this, there are a myriad of options that you can use. When capturing interior images and housing images, the most important thing that you should always have at the back of your mind is that the images you capture should be good-quality images.


In addition to the above mentioned equipment, you’ll also need a good source of light when taking interior images and housing images. In most cases, you’ll only need one or two speedlights, and you can be sure that it’d do the job for you. There are several speedlights available on the internet today, and you only need to research to find the most ideal speedlight to use.

Camera Settings

With all the necessary equipment in place, the next thing is to be sure that you know how to use the equipment. First, you need to know the right camera setting to use when capturing these images. Most professional photographers will advise you to shoot only RAW when capturing interior images and housing images. This is because of the greater flexibility that it offers, especially post-production. In some cases, you might be in a hurry or under pressure, and the only thing on your mind is to take the shoot done sooner than later. In such cases, you might not get the exposure right, and this can alter the quality of the images that you capture. When you shoot RAW, you’ll be able to make an adjustment later, and this will further improve the quality of images that you capture.

Alternatively, you can also shoot in full manual mode while the White Balance is set to Auto. One of the issues that most photographers have is with the white background. It becomes really hard to control when there are multiple sources of light in the room, and this is usually the case with real estate photography. You’ll have to deal with natural light coming in through the window fluorescent and incandescent lights in the room. An easy way to solve this is by switching off all the lights in the room. However, in some cases, that will only cause you to lose the mood of the room.

The bottom line is that as a photographer who is aiming to capture amazing interior images and housing images, you need to know the right camera settings to use and also have a full understanding of how to combine different camera features to get the best images. Remember that it’s normal to have flaws in your images, but while getting these flaws, you also need to learn how to avoid them. With this, it’ll only be a matter of time before you start capturing the best images.

Popular Interior Images on photoAC

The only instance where you must take the interior images and housing images is when you’re actually planning to show these images to a potential client who will show interest in buying the property. You generally need to ensure that you are showing them the actual image of the house. However, if you’re using these images for other purposes, like for print materials, marketing, branding, wallpaper, or for any other reason, you don’t necessarily need to capture these images yourself. Today, professional photographers from different parts of the world have taken it upon themselves to capture different types of images and make these images available in a single library for people to use.